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We Design

We are the ones who design the products we sell on our site so we understand how everything works and have a true passion for what we do.

We Build

After the products have been designed, we build them with the best possible materials. Including Molybdenum which is 25% denser than iron.

We Test

After we have built the product, we rigourously test them to ensure that they withstand the strongest of attacks to keep your home safe.

We Advise

We understand everything about our products so can advise you what is best for your home and how to prevent against intruders.

Insurance Protection

In the unlikely event that you suffer a break-in as a direct result of your Euro-Secure security product failing, then send us the Police report and crime number along with confirmation of the excess on your insurance claim and we will refund your insurance excess.

30 Day No Hassle

If you change your mind about your purchase just send it back within 30 days unused and in the original packaging and get a full refund.

Genuinely hassle free!

Delivery Guarantee

Place your order before 4pm and we guarantee to get your delivery with you for the following day. Even if you order multiple locks with one key, our team of kite mark accredited lock builders are on standby.

We’re Your Lock Snapping Experts

73% of homes get broken into through the door, and the single largest method of entry is now lock snapping.

Whilst millions of homes around the country are secured with a lock that costs less than £5, some burglars can walk up to the door and open it in 4 seconds.

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Secure your entire home with Euro-Secure

One key can unlock your front door, back door, patio door, french door, conservatory door, padlock, garage door, gate and shed.

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Check Out Whats Happening on Your Door Step

Our easy to use crime checker gives you the what, where and when of crime in your area over the past 6 months. Giving you information straight from Police data you can see how important it is to protect your home with the best quality locks.

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Products You Can Trust

Kite Mark Security

The Euro-Secure team are accredited by the British Standards Institute and audited every year. This means that we are able to assemble (known as pin-up) kite mark accredited locks to use the same key. Because of this you can have kite mark approved locks delivered securely with you the following day, even if you order up to 4pm.