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Yale AS Platinum

The current market leader in anti snap, anti pick, anti drill and anti bump locks - Patented Technology

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Break Secure XP

The first lock to achieve TS007 3 star kitemark Patented Technology- Premium Quality

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Euro Secure Protector

Proven to protect homes! Our longest selling and most popular lock. Unbeatable quality, reliability and security

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Patio Door Security

French Doors having always been an easy target for a burglar. The Patlock is revolutionary security for your french doors.

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Euro Secure Security Door Handle

The door handle is the first line of defense against lock snapping. As well as protecting the euro cylinder behind the security shroud and making it impossible to get to the handle acts as a visiblt deterrent to a would be burglar. See the video above.

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Burglars are gaining entry into homes in seconds

It is easy for a burglar to gain entry into your home by attacking a known weak point in your door

It is also easy for you to protect that weak point when you know which products genuinely stop lock snapping

Not all anti snap products do what they promise

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