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These Locks Will Protect Your Home From

Lock Picking

This is when an intruder uses their specialist lock picks to manipulate your lock to open.

Lock Bumping

Locks that aren't bump protected can be opened in moments with a bump key and single tap of a hammer.

Lock Drilling

Millions of the UK's Euro-Cylinders can still be quickly rendered insecure with a cordless power drill.

Lock Snapping

The fastest growing, quickest, quiet, easiest method of how a burglar will enter your home.

How does a Euro-Protector lock protect you

The sacrificial element of a Euro-Protector lock has been designed in a unique way to ensure that when attacked the lock will always break in the correct position.

Many 'anti-snap' locks we test with a sacrificial end still snap in the center giving the intruder access to the center cam and access to your home.

Why do people choose Euro-Protector

This lock gives an inexpensive dependable anti-snap solution.

Customers of the Euro-Protector also like that they can have the same key not only with other doors in their home but also with garage doors, padlocks, rim locks etc.

The dual colour finish provides a perfect contrast with anodised, chrome and brass handle finishes.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Insurance Protection

In the unlikely event that you suffer a break-in as a direct result of your Euro-Secure security product failing, then send us the Police report and crime number along with confirmation of the excess on your insurance claim and we will refund your insurance excess.

30 Day No Hassle

If you change your mind about your Euro-Secure purchase within 30 days of receiving it, just send it back unused and in the original packaging and get a refund (minus a 10% return & restocking fee).

Genuinely hassle free!

Delivery Guarantee

Place your order before 4pm and we guarantee to get your delivery with you for the following day. Even if you order multiple locks with one key, our team of kite mark accredited lock builders are on standby.

How to Measure a Cylinder Lock

The lock already in your door is not necessarily the best size, watch this video to see how easy it is to get the right size of lock in just a couple of minutes.

Full Written Guide

Its very easy to mismeasure a cylinder lock whilst its in the door. We strongly recommend taking it out to get an accurate measurement. Be careful if you use a tape measure and not a ruler as the end of some tapes can make it tricky to get the right size.

Cylinders come in 5mm increments, do not reduce the size of your cylinder if your lock sticks out of the existing handle by less than 5mm. PVC french doors sometimes have special central sections making it very difficult to remove and refit a cylinder lock. Please call for advice.

Don't forget, our phone lines are open 6 days a week, so for advice on measuring, fitting or any aspect of door and window security please call one of our advisors.

How to Fit a Cylinder Lock

Fitting your new ultra-secure lock can be as easy as measuring it. All you need is the key and a screwdriver. Watch this video to see how.

Full Written Guide

In the edge of the door there will be a fitting screw, this needs to be taken out and put to one side.
If you are unable to access the fitting screw (possible in a french door application) then it is wise to consult a qualified locksmith.

To remove or insert a euro-cylinder the key must be turned slightly to line the tongue of the central cam up with the body of the lock, this will enable the cylinder lock to slide in or out. Getting the amount of key turn may require a bit of trial and error, but usually it requires a 15 to 20 degree turn either to the left or right, this is shown clearly on the video. If there is any resistance to removing the cylinder it can help to just loosen the handle screws - sometimes a slightly offset handle can put pressure on the cylinder making it a little stiffer.

What About My Key?

Your Euro Protector lock is delivered with 3 keys as standard, and is unique to 1 in 60,000 combinations. At just £3.70 you can save £5 on every extra key you need if you order them with your lock.

If in future you need more keys you can order genuine Euro-Protector keys from us, or you can have high street key cutters copy them onto a generic blank.