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How to Meaure and Fit a Euro Cylinder
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Avocet ABS MK3 Door Lock

Price £38.99 ex VAT
Please note measuring instructions below

Avocet ABS lock mk3    
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ABS lock order lead times are currently 2 to 3 days
We no longer key alike ABS Locks

Please note
ABS locks are not secure if the key is left inserted
on the inside of the door

Due to the design feature of ABS fixing the cam to the
internal plug after snapping attack. If the key is left in on the
inside of the lock the cam can be turned from the outside
unlocking the door.


If you require a 30mm ABS Cylinder lock please see note at
the bottom of the page with regard to Kitemark certification

Anti-Snap Lock Comparison Table

Not sure which lock to choose? Choosing anti-snap locks we believe is based on two fundamental criteria. First and foremost the security of the product, and secondly the reliability of the product. A third consideration may be how eaqsy it is to get keys cut, so we've included that as a non rated item at the bottom of the table

It is a given that all of these locks offer robust protection against picking, bumping and drilling, but most locks historically have not been able to overcome the snapping attack. The anti-snap locks we sell are the current market leaders and based on our unrivalled experience in this area of the market below are our ratings.

AS Platinum
BreakSecure XP
  Mul-T-Lock Break Secure XP anti snap lock Avocet ABS review compare
Our Score : 100% 100% 85%
Price : £32.99 £33.99 £38.99
Extra Keys : £4.00 £5.00 n/a
Keyed alike Available : No Yes No
Withstood full 3 minute attack, extremely resilient against brute force attack of mole grips and basic tools Withstood full 3 minute attack using mole grips and basic tools Withstood full 3 minute attack using mole grips and basic tools
  10/10 10/10 10/10
Unable to manipulate the lock Unable to manipulate the lock Entry Gained in under 2 minutes - technique not widely known
  10/10 10/10 8/10
Unable to kick the lock back Unable to kick the lock back Lock kicked back and entry gained in under 2 minutes - technique not widely known
  10/10 10/10 9/10
Quality / Reliabilty Made in Europe. Good build quality. We have not experienced any issues with reliability but it is a relatively new product into the market. Tight keyway prevents dirt / dust ingress. Simple, single 6 pin construction, very little to go wrong Made in Isreal. Excellent build quality and long history of solid, reliable performance. Slightly open keyway but single 7 pin construction again gives no cause for ongoing concern Made in the Far East. Reasonable build quality, due to pin in pin system and trap pins can feel a little "graunchy" on the external side. The open keyway and large dimple cuts can give rise to debris being deposited in the lock and causing pin jamming. Compounded by having a magnet in the key. We have experienced numerous failures in the last two years. Also high number of failures on thumb turns.
  10/10 10/10 7/10
of Note

Due to the security principle of ABS locking the central cam to the internal plug it must be noted that if a key is left in the lock on the inside and the lock is snapped the burglar can gain easy entry by turning the cam

ABS is not secure against snapping if the key is left in on the inside!

Key Cutting

Open key profile - key cutting is widely available in the normal high street outlets

Keys cannot be ordered online at a later date as there is no key code system with the lock

There are a great many Mul-T-Lock centre available and key cutting should be relatively local in most areas

Key cutting can be ordered online at a later date - no security required just the key code

There are a lot less key cutting outlets available for ABS keys - you may have to travel to get keys cut in person

Key cutting can be ordered online at a later date - no security required just the key code - even if registered


Notes :
  1. All the attack testing for the table above took place in a TS007 / sold secure diamond specification test rig - we test for common burglary technique - and professional locksmith techniques
  2. Quality / Reliability scores are based on our own experience with the product, market knowledge and feedback from our customers
ABS Tumb Turn Lock For Avocet ABS Thumb turn locks please click here
How to Measure your Lock

To ensure the correct size of ABS locks:

We strongly recommend you remove your euro cylinder to measure it.

How to measure a euro profile door lock

All measuring is done to the centre fixing screw

Measure from the centre of the cylinder screw fixing to the outer face of the cylinder, both on the internal and the external side of your door

The Avocet ABS lock has to be fitted with the side marked EXT to the external side of your door.

Locks come in 5mm increments and you always go up to the next size

How to Measue and fit a euro cylinder lockSo for example, if the internal measurement is 32mm and the external measurement is 43mm, you would order a 35mm internal / 45mm external sized door cylinder lock

Full fitting instruction are available to view
click here

To see a video of how to measure and fit your door cylinder lock click here

Avocet ABS MK3-G Snap-Secure Locks

The ABS Secure MK3-G cylinder offers a high level of security as a snap-secure solution for timber, aluminium, uPVC and composite doors. With 6 more additional anti-pick devices and over ten more maximum security features in each cylinder than the previous models, the ABS MK3-G cylinder has achieved BSI Kite Mark accreditation, "Secured By Design" approval, Sold Secure Diamond Standard and the latest BS:TS007 3 Star certification.

Avocet ABS has now achieved the maximum TS007- 3 Star recognition - Sold Secure Diamond and Secured By Design standards, this makes Avocet ABS Lock one of the highest security cylinders available.

Avocet Abs Secure Lock features
The ABS Secure MK3-G cylinder features unique "Snap Secure" patented technology that ensures that if the door is attacked, the cylinder snaps in TWO places (not just one like all other anti-snap models).

The first at the sacrificial point just behind the door line makes a second attack extremely difficult. Should a second attack take place a second sacrificial point just before the multi point lock case incorporated with the unique and patented snap secure clutch system, totally blocks access to the internal mechanism of your door lock preventing entry.

This "Snap Attack" is THE most common method of entry due to the speed of entry (usually less than 30 seconds) and the lack of skill required.

The Avocet ABS Secure MK3 also incorporates bump resistant technology to prevent entry by the "Bump Key" method. The bumping protection includes telescopic pin technology, a magnetic bump resistant pin that works in the opposite direction to all the other pins and 6 additional second level trap pins, giving 15 pin protection against bumping.

Although we believe burglars do no bump or pick locks as a method of entry, the ABS Locks we sell contains all the requirements needed to stop all methods of attack.

Euro Secure's MD is the leading authority in the UK on Lock snapping. Having been responsible for the design and development of the ABS lock and raising awareness and gaining the support of MP's such as Sir Alan Johnson to get the current standards changed and new one's introduced.

While other sites sell products that pretend to be secure but actually aren't you can be confident that we only sell locks we have actually tested ourselves, and that we are the experts in this field!

Other supposed anti snap locks have features that offer absoloutely no real resistance again common lock snapping methods. For example we tested the Cisa Astral S sold by others sites as a "reliable and effective solution" to combat lock snapping, and in a standard door in normal operation with nothing more than mole grips and a screw driver, the lock failed in less than 40 seconds! We think this lock would only stop a burglar for 5 seconds more than a standard lock!

For more on lock testing see our test page here.

Why Buy your Anti-Snap Locks from Euro Secure?

  • Ability
    Euro Secure staff were responsible for the design and development of the ABS lock, and understand the operation of the anti-snap locks better than any other reseller
  • Easy Ordering
    We offer a unique easy online ordering system that enables you to configure your locks to work from the same key
  • Delivery
    We despatch same day on over 96% of our orders. We offer secure courrier delivery for to ensure that we know where your order is at all times, especially important when ordering keys for your house. Please read more about our delivery service here.


Security Buying Tip

When purchasing Avocet ABS security locks or keys, always make sure that the seller has your security in mind and not just their profit. Many businesses claiming to be long established, with registered retail premises and recognised trade association membership are simply out to make profit. Many will send your order out by standard first class post even though it contains existing or future keys to your home and has your address on it

No one is more qualified, or has the knowledge and experience than us. And no one takes more care to ensure your package reaches you securely. More Information Here

Note : 30mm ABS locks and TS007 3 star Kitemark

If you order an ABS cylinder lock where one side of the lock is 30mm, the lock will not be stamped with the BSI kitemark.

The British Kitemark accreditation specifies a minimum of 30,000 key combinations per cylinder for a grade 5 classification in accordance with EN1303: 2005. All sizes of ABS above 30mm have 57,000 key combinations. A 30mm size of barrel is physically smaller allowing only 4 chamber not five and therefore giving a reduced number of pins than a standard cylinder which gives up to 20,000 key combinations.

A 30mm ABS lock has all of the other features that have passed the Kitemark assessments that secure your home such as the unique Anti-Snap, Bump, Pick and Drill features.

A 30mm ABS lock is still as effective as any other size of ABS lock at beating the burglar.

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