From all at Eurosecure welcome Home WarmCore

From all at Eurosecure welcome!


As last year’s latest addition to the GFD Group of companies this is how it feels to us – welcoming a new baby- as we are no longer the groups youngster – as of January our position as the new kid has been usurped by the addition to the group of a new online company WarmCore Homes and it just feels like welcoming a new member to the family.

WarmCore BiFolding Doors
Welcome to WarmCore Homes to the family

Whilst we at Eurosecure specialise in these –


Ultion 3 Star Diamond Sold Secure Lock
Ultion 3 Star Diamond Sold Secure Lock

and all the other necessities you require to safeguard your home our new baby brother offers customers something completely different –

Warmcore Homes Aluminium-Bi-Folding-Doors-Contemporary-Exterior-Closed-Final-HR-V01-02superb quality Bi-Fold doors which use the latest WarmCore technology to ensure that the highest standards of environmental control are achieved they are available in sizes from two to seven leaf’s wide which means they can be accommodated in openings up to 6.00 metres wide which is more than sufficient for the average person/household to let nature into their open.

Although we understand that WarmCore Homes Bi- folds are very competitively priced with doors of this quality they are never going to be cheap so if you should decide to invest in one of these superb products please do not forget we guys at Eurosecure who gave you the introduction – with doors of this quality we do not envisage that you would need to replace the locks any time soon but a couple of our other products could just give you that extra peace of mind.

The Bi – fold leaves are described as difficult to force open but the added security of a couple of these Patlocks would be enough to put off any would-be opportunist thieves.


There can be little that is more off-putting to a burglar than realising that the only way he has any chance of cracking the Patlock is to break a window and wake the whole neighbourhood. By introducing the patlock we are assuming that the would be thief has already entered your premises but here at Eurosecure we have another product that limits his possibilities of even entering your garden – the Hedgehog Spike


Hedgehog Spikes from Euro Secure
Hedgehog Spikes from Euro Secure

once you fix these plastic strips to the top of your wall or fence you are certainly going to considerably reduce the likelihood of anyone risking injury by trying to climb over these (prior to installing Hedehog Spikes please read the instructions carefully to ensure that you comply with the legal regulations for a such barrier – notices and height) the Hedgehog Spikes come in a range of six colours so you can even co-ordinate them to your gardens colour scheme.



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