Statistics – don’t you just love them?

Statistics – don’t you just love them

We at Eurosecure are in the business of home protection so we have to take notice of STATISTICS – not only do they allow us to guide our customers as to what may need to be secured within their homes but they often as with the above “pie chart” provide a graphical illustration of risk as it may apply to each and every one of us.

The illustration above is fairly self-explanatory and it screams out the simple fact that we all understand –

“ALWAYS LOCK AND SECURE YOUR DOORS AND WINDOWS” – something that the majority of us take for granted and do not need to be reminded to do.

How many times do we watch TV or listen to the car radio and hear some reference to statistics where our response is to drop our jaw and say “and he is getting paid for stating the obvious” we here at Eurosecure read a lot of burglary related statistics and we have to admit some of them really surprise us –


“Every 45 seconds (apparently) there is an attempted break in on a residential property in the UK and every 76 seconds (apparently) one of these break ins is successful?”

How do they come up with these statistics who is the poor unfortunate who is tasked with watching your house or our house to witness that “attempted break in” – we know the figures are supposedly produced from Police statistics but unless your property suffers noticeable damage how do you know a break in has been attempted.

We are not in any way attempting to belittle statistics – we simply are of the opinion that too many particularly those that are too obvious or simply unbelievable detract from their impact and leave the reader questioning whether or not to believe them.

The above “pie chart” works for us simple and clear – it’s your home lock it when leaving and you are at least taking the first step to security.

If only life were simple locking our doors and windows would keep us all safe – unfortunately as thieves become more sophisticated even the most diligent of we door lockers can still suffer their hands – the lock that was secure / best available etc. when you had it installed a few years ago may now be simply just another easy target to the would be thief. The garden fence that once seemed so solid and secure is now showing signs of age and distress and less of an obstruction to anyone wanting to enter your garden. The windows now seem a little looser in the frames.

One way to ensure you get one up on the statistics of burglary is to upgrade your home security and Eurosecure have the complete range of products to get you started –

For the garden fence or wall – Hedgehog spikes

Hedgehog Spikes from Euro Secure
Hedgehog Spikes from Euro Secure

For your windows – Sash Jammers


For patio doors – the Patlock


For all of your external door locks – the Ultion

euro-secure-ultion Lock
euro-secure-ultion Lock

The latest innovation in the in the residential door lock market which is reckoned to be the most secure cylinder ever with 294,970 key combinations, a lock down mode and a record of never having been beaten in any test plus a ten year guarantee, plus it can be installed as a multi lock single key option.

All of the above products can be found on the Eurosecure web site and installing all of them will not “break your personal savings bank” but it may just ensure that you do not become one of the statistics on the above “pie chart”






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