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Euro Secure Testing

We only sell product we have personally tested. And with a great deal of experiance in locks and security products we like to think we know a thing or two about cylinder lock security.

We test and select the best products available. There are a great many products out there that do not stand up to robust testing and we believe, do not offer full protection in the real world. And whilst we are not an accredited test house, we have come accross products that carry accreditation that fall far short of our required standard. Therefore we test ourselves and to ensure we have confidence in the product we sell.

Lock snapping on the BBC Lock Testing - The Test Rig

The test rig we use is built to the same specification as the BSI Kitemark TS007 specified rig, and very similar to the Sold Secure Diamond specifiation rig. Both rigs are designed to put a cylinder lock through a very harsh test, allowing no protection from either handles or close routing preps.

This video shows the test rig used and the performance of a standard euro cylinders, fitted in most doors today.



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If you have questions about testing or the robustness of anti lock snapping products please contact us at

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