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We try to cover everything we think you need to know on the website, but at times you simply need to know more!
Our comprehensive range of video guides and downloads delve further into specific elements you might want to know more on, simply click on any of the links below.

Ultion WXMVideosDownloads
Ultion WXM 3* Plus – 500,000 Cycle Test 
Ultion WXM 3* Plus – Thicker Key 
Ultion WXM 3* Plus – Double Lockdown Mode 
Ultion WXM 3* Plus – 20 Point Drill Protection 
Measuring and fittingVideosDownloads
How to measure euro cylinders
How to fit euro cylinders
How to fit Ultion Keycap
Lock LockVideosDownloads
Lock Lock – Break In Test in action 
Lock Lock – Less Cylinder 
Lock Lock – A new way to lock your door 
Lock Lock – Pick This 
Lock Lock – How to fit 
Lock Lock – Explained 
Lock Lock – About Lock Lock 
Lock Snapping ExplainedVideosDownloads
Zinc Handle Door Attack 
Lock Snapping on This Morning 
Lock Snapping – BBC Inside Out 
BBC Crimewatch Roadshow 
Sweet Hardware – Genuinely Suited 
Ultion CylinderVideosDownloads
Ultion v Standard Cylinder 
Ultion v Anti Snap Cylinder 
Ultion v 1 * Cylinder 
Ultion Lock Snapping 
Ultion Anti Bump 
Ultion Anti Pick 
Ultion Lock Drill 
Ultion Self Cleaning 
Ultion Padlocks 
Ultion – Why is Ultion Secure with the Key in the Lock 
Ultion Smart LocksVideosDownloads
Auto Locking 
Using the Wireless Keypad 
Calibrating your Ultion Smart 
Auto Unlock 
Changing your batteries 
Calibrating with Home Kit 
Fitting Ultion Smart Locks 
De registering your Ultion Smart 
Inviting Guests 
Fitting Ultion Smart Escutcheon 
Size Guide 
Using Hold Back the Latch 
Using Twist Assist 
Using on a Open-ing Out Door 
Using Multiple Locks 
Using Alexa 
Ultion Smart Explained 
What size do I need? 
Quick Unlock with IOS 13