Think your doors locked?
Think again…

In less than 13 seconds your prized possessions are his!

August 30th 2017 – Real Time Footage

See Ultion Beat the Burglars

How Do They Snap?

Lock snapping is a burglary technique which involves snapping a particular type of lock cylinder in two by applying the right amount of force and removing the outside part to expose the locking mechanism. Once the locking mechanism is exposed, it’s open to tampering which allows the door to be unlocked using simple household tools.

There are now many ‘anti-snap’ locks on the market, some are very secure and some are not.

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Other methods of attack include:

Lock Drilling

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Is My Home At Risk?

If the door lock on your front door, back door, garage door or any other
door in your home looks like this…

…then the answer is YES! but we can help!

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Watch The BBC Documentary On Lock Snapping

Watch The Crimewatch Film On Lock Snapping

The Solution

Snap-Resistant Locks We Recommend

Myth Busters –
What You Think You Know

“I am safe if my cylinder doesn’t stick out beyond the
handle face”


Most lock snapping attacks involve ripping off the door handle first, so it doesn’t matter if your locks stick out past the handle. Watch this video to see how we snapped a door handle.

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“Any lock with a sacrificial section will protect me from
lock snapping”


A cylinder that boasts a sacrificial end is not guaranteed protection. We have tested many where the lock has still snapped in the centre and not on the sacrificial cut as designed.

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“Any lock with a kite mark is


Looking to the standards for guidance can just confuse. Until 2012 the EN1303 cylinder kite mark test included no real snapping test. Then TS007 kite mark was introduced, if the cylinder passed this test it got 3 stars – if it failed it still got 1 star and a kitemark! So even today a kite marked cylinder is not a snap secure purchase.

“Any lock with 3 stars will definitely protect me from a
snap attack”


We have tested all TS007 3 star locks on the UK market and found that many held out for considerably less time than the October 2012 test criteria. We don’t know why this is, but it is why we test everything we sell to make sure that what you buy does what we say it does – not just what the manufacturer says.

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