Ultion :And now you are going to believe us – these really do work

“And now you are going to believe us” a chant which every Saturday afternoon echoes around a football ground near you wherever you may be – its either the league or the cup or whatever the fans can think of that rhymes. We at Eurosecure have been following a similar mantra for the past eighteen months singing the praises of the Ultion lock, not only do we give it multiple page publicity on our web site, we have also included its benefits in numerous blogs for instance “We sell products that work” where we started our article with the words “ Protecting your family 24/7 365 days a year is our priority” – with the Ultion range of products we knew that we could make such a statement certain in the knowledge that the lock would not let us down.

As we are all aware it is easy to use words to justify all of the benefits of any product but reality only strikes when the product is actually tested in a live situation. At Eurosecure we knew the Ultion lock had undergone every required “laboratory” test and it had all the accreditations to back up the words we extolled about it but even with our knowledge of the product we had no actual physical proof to show that the lock performed the way we all believed it would when placed under attack – that was until very recently when a “real life” video was posted on twitter showing thieves taking longer than 3 minutes to attempt to break into a property secured by an Ultion lock. The unfortunate would be burglars were caught on a “video doorbell” of which they were probably not even aware. The home owner Mr Amjid Khan- who was not in the premises at the time explains –

When I got home, I saw the house was secure but someone had snapped the handle and the external barrel of the cylinder lock. However, the main part of the cylinder was still in the door and stopped the burglars getting in.”

And followed up by stating –

When I saw what happened I contacted a locksmith immediately – and later that day I tweeted to recommend Ultion to everyone I knew.”

We at Eurosecure were so impressed by Mr Khans video of the failed attempt that we published it immediately we received it last week if you happened to miss it here it is again –

Ultion Beats The Burglar! from Euro-Secure on Vimeo.

When a lock performs as well as this under attack we wanted to tell the world, if only to justify all of the claims we had been making over the previous eighteen months – when asked for his view Mr Nick Dutton CEO of Brisant Secure, which makes the Ultion lock he explained –

“The two sacrificial sections on Ultion had been snapped and the cylinder had gone into ‘Lock Down Mode’ “The burglars couldn’t get to the attack lock because it was protected deep inside a solid molybdenum core – 25% denser than iron – and secured with a dedicated retaining pin. You can hear how easily the handle got snapped off, but they couldn’t open the door because Ultion was still secure”

We have used the following chart many times to justify the “Sold Secure” status of the Ultion lock because we believe it provides an excellent comparison with the majority of other locks currently available for the domestic market.

Ultion succeeds in 7 ways that 3 star locks don’t

ultion succeeds

ultion succeeds

All in all a pretty impressive list of credentials and now – courtesy of Mr Khans video we know for definite that the words are supported by the performance of the lock.

In Mr Khans original tweet he advised that he had instructed his Locksmith to replace his damaged Ultion lock with a new ULTION lock and he also requested an additional lock for the rear door of his property. If you want to ensure the “24/7 365 days a year protection of your family” which we promised in our “We sell products that work” blog maybe its time you fitted Ultion locks to your home – a visit to our Eurosecure web site will provide you with all the information you need about the lock and how to order it.

We think it is probably best to leave the final word on this video to Mr Khan –

“I can’t recommend Ultion enough. It stopped some scumbags getting into my house and they did their best.”

Ultion locks the ultimate protection for the doors of your home. To buy Ultion for your home simply visit our Ultion Page