The discovery that your valuables have been stolen is not one of life’s more pleasant experiences particularly when the reporting of the crime and trying to retrieve the items is likely to prove an impossible task. If you are the unfortunate victim what do you think the odds of seeing the Police return your valuables actually are –a number of recent surveys put this figure at under a 20% (some as low as 5-10%) chance of seeing your treasured possessions again. We are actually more likely to see reports of overstretched Police not having the time to even investigate burglaries rather than reports of their success in solving of them.

The majority of burglaries of domestic properties are “opportunist” where the thief sees the goods either in the open or through a window, he endeavours to strike quickly and get away without being seen by witnesses and dispose of the goods as soon as he can – if he has to break in in a noisy manner (breaking glass) or contend with an alarm or video cameras he may well think twice – so, the onus is upon you the householder to do what you can to prevent the crime in the first instance.

The first rule simply has to be to make sure that your valuable items are not visible to passers-by because one of those passers-by could well be the would-be thief checking out your property.

You could also indelibly mark and register your valuables but this is more likely to assist identification should your property be recovered

The most common place for a burglar to gain entry is through your front door so a quality door with a quality lock is an essential initial deterrent and a Global Door fits this description perfectly – designed as a door set where door and frame are factory engineered as a complete unit to guarantee a superb fit with the benefit of extra strength and draughtproofing this gives. The 44mm thickness also helps and with a choice of core  foam filled or timber core  it just adds to the strength . All Global doors come with the Ultion 3 star diamond sold secure lock the lock that is recognised as the most secure currently available to the domestic market so, any door from Global Door is an excellent first line of defence in defending your property.

There are however many forms of interactive and visual forms of deterrent which will make the burglar think twice if fitted to your home. Fortunately here at the GFD Group Global Doors has a sister company Eurosecure who trade only in household security so if you are considering –

● Installing a home alarm system and ensuring that particularly for the external varieties the alarm siren box is clearly displayed on the outside of the property for more information on internal and external alarms take a look at-

or maybe CCTV camera’s
●  CCTV cameras are now everywhere, for a very good reason they not only monitor but they can also record events making it easier to identify the perpetrators of crimes whether it be in your local city centre or your own home and they work because no criminal wants to know that there are photographic recordings of him committing crimes

● If you have valuables you must keep at home , passports, jewellery , house deeds etc why not do as the banks do and “stick them in a safe” – the home safe is growing in popularity for exactly this reason and the range and sizes of safes available for the domestic market increases to grow – find out more at-

Global Door and Eurosecure the online home for all of your household security needs doing our best to keep all of our customers valuables safe both now and for the future.