From bad to worse

Only last week we ran a blog entitled “if we can not depend upon them, then who….?”

Which featured the following article from the Independent newspaper Met Police to stop investigating some ‘low-level’ crimes in response to £400m funding cuts” – which we hear at Eurosecure found quite alarming but this week it seems home security has taken a further move backwards with an article in the Telegraph with the headline : How likely is it that the police will manage to catch the person who burgles your house? this article carries the opening paragraph –

“Nine out of 10 home burglary investigations are closed without a suspect being identified, according to figures from the Home Office.”

And continues – “Of the 44,363 residential burglary cases recorded by police forces across England and Wales between April and June this year, 89.7 per cent ended without a suspect being identified.”

Which we assume means that if we jump to the logical conclusion if we are burgled the Police are unlikely to investigate and if they do the chances that they will apprehend anyone are just about zero. It makes you wonder why we pay taxes. At Eurosecure we are supporters of our “boys in blue “ as we believe are most of the honest upstanding members of society here in the UK but to only solve 4,500 out of 45,000 burglaries is a frightening statistic. As we have highlighted in many previous blogs there are a number of deterrents that the householder can utilise without the need for sophisticated Security cameras and alarm systems and they are all available at a fraction of the cost – the Ultion Home Defence System provides one solution that works – it is all based around a solid dependable lock and a multi-point locking system utilising the “Ultion” which is an exceptionally strong and secure cylinder that cannot be “bumped”, drilled” or “snapped


Ultion Home Defence System, protection for your entire home

Ultion Home Defence System, protection for your entire home

The Ultion a pretty much guaranteed way to stop intruders gaining entry by breaking your lock we can only say this because we have the video evidence of would be thieves giving up on trying to break this lock see And now you are going to believe us – these really do work!

The products are only part of the Ultion story – because they can be suited so that one key fits all and when we say “one key fits all” that is exactly what we mean – because of the unique algorithms which control the cutting of your Ultion Key they can actually be suited so that one key will fit every Ultion lock in your home – that’s the same key for back door, front door, garage, conservatory or patio doors and even the shed if you “key alike” your padlock.

Just imagine

One Home , one hand , one key what could be easier

The above is not the end of the Ultion Defence System, because improvement is always possible – the latest addition to the suite is the “Lock-lock” is the perfect way to protect all of the doors you never lock from the outside because as it only locks from the inside there is nothing for the burglar to attack on the outside – perfect for patio/conservatory doors.

Lock Lock from Euro Secure

Lock Lock from Euro Secure

To find out more you may wish to review our previous blog “Ultion Home Defence System parallels life’s journey”


With products like the “Ultion Defence System” we at Eurosecure are quietly waiting for the day when we read a headline that reads –

“Police at loss as to how to spend their time with no burglaries to investigate – thank you Ultion”