Keep the burglars at bay


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This is the time of year when the comfort of your own armchair placed firmly in front of the TV or maybe catching up on that book you have been meaning to read all summer seems the best option for most of us.

Of course there are a large number of individuals for whom the seasons make little difference as many occupations that work shift patterns are out and about in the evenings and overnight doing what they do to earn a living. There is also of course another group of individuals – the ones we try to forget about or ignore the existence of – until of course something happens to us and then it is invariably too late.

We are talking of course of your local neighbourhood burglar – he also has to make a living and

the longer nights provide all that ne needs in the way of more cover for burglars to come creeping around your property looking to relieve you of your valuables.

Maybe before you settle down to the TV or that book you should take a little look around your property to see what steps you can take to secure your property.

Starting from the outside – look out for hiding places – the burglar will – if there are bushes /hedges or fences that provide convenient dark corners – trimming back the foliage or installing an external sensor activated light might be all it takes to deter our burglar. Or maybe the installation of something very simple and inexpensive secured to our boundary fences or walls will be sufficient deterrent and it does not come any simpler than-

The intruder excluder –

why not make life difficult for would be intruders by fitting “Hedgehog” strips to your perimeter fences and walls. The spikes of the” hedgehog” strip will make any would be thief think twice before climbing over your fence

Hedgehog Spikes

Hedgehog Spikes

Burglar Alarms – The typical Burglar Alarm box screwed to the wall can acts as an excellent visual deterrent but the downside with burglar alarms is the obvious one – the burglar has normally already entered your property before they are activated AND are your neighbours really brave enough or sufficiently concerned enough to come and investigate if your alarm goes off in the dead of night.

Moving inside – a property is not properly protected unless all points of entry are secured and that means doors and windows upstairs and down – they should all be fitted with at least one form of lock-

Windows – now that there are very cost effective locks available for all types of windows UPVC, timber and aluminium and with similar locks available for French doors and patio doors, there is no longer a reason why your windows can not be secure particularly when all you need to secure your windows and French doors are locks as simple as these.


-what could be simpler than the “Sash Jammer” The sash jammer which is recommended by the Police physically stops the intruder from being able to force open your windows and they have been tested to 1.2Kn of force but as with any such device but they are only as good as the fixings used to secure them, so be sure to follow the installation instructions

For French doors – the amazingly simple Pat lock – locate over your door handles and snap closed and it becomes both a visual and an anti – force deterrent – it will not break so if the burglar has targeted your French doors he is going to have to break the glass and no burglar likes making that much noise.



Doors – the type of lock you require will be dictated by your style of door timber doors should be secured using a mortice lock and/or night latch that meets British Standard BS3621 for UPVC or Composite door your multi point locking system will be operated by a cylinder that may be passed its best and upgrading to a British Standard Kitemark TS007 cylinder or even better a 3 Star Diamond Sold secure lock such as the “Ultion”

Ultion 3 Star Diamond Sold Secure Lock

Ultion 3 Star Diamond Sold Secure Lock

Sheds and Outbuildings




The ones we always forget but it only takes a couple of seconds to fit one of these –

The simple padlock they are now so strong that it may be easier for the burglar to break down the shed as he will probably have more success at that than he will at forcing our range of padlocks.

All of the above deterrents and much more can be found at the Eurosecure web site – do not let the burglar win – visit our web site today and keep the burglar at bay.