Now we are importing burglars

Here at Eurosecure we are used to trawling through statistics on household burglaries some we believe, some we discount and some we feature in articles and blogs to highlight the rise in this most intrusive of crimes, but we have to admit even we were surprised at this latest revelation. This happy couple in national costume, are not the stereotype that we would be looking for if we were trying to identify the next person who might want to burgle our homes – true – actually, no if the latest reports from the Metropolitan Police as featured in this article about “Burglary tourists” are correct.

Over recent years as the UK has become more and more multi-cultural so the committing of crime by UK residents of different ethnicity has increased, but, in general the perpetrators were resident and home grown in the UK and not imported specifically for the purpose of committing a crime – and most definitely not “tourist burglars” from the other side of the world – if this article is correct this is a concept that has now changed quite dramatically.

To quote from the article –

“Scotland Yard has launched a manhunt for the British-based leaders of the Chilean network after burglaries across southwest London, the Thames Valley, Hertfordshire, Surrey, Kent and as far afield as Somerset and north Wales.

More than 75 Chilean burglars have been arrested in the UK over the past two years and the gang is known to be active in Spain and other European countries, according to The Times.”

If the article had named a country nearer to home it would have been a lot easier to understand but Chile is a very long air flight away from the UK. The parties responsible for these burglaries would not have been travelling in National Costume (as the happy couple above) or displaying any other obvious clues to their intentions upon arrival in the UK, making it a lot harder for the Immigration authorities to apprehend them. However, we wonder, if a group of Chilean men had arrived at Customs dressed in Chilean National costume, as those below, looking more like extras for a remake of “Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid”, than a band of renegades, would our Customs authorities have apprehended them?

At Eurosecure we have no grievance with the Chilean people and trust them in the main to be an honourable nationality, but, we would much prefer that they kept this unsavoury element (not the men in the photograph) of their population, who commit their crimes on UK shores, at home, in their native country.

For the benefit of any UK residents living in “southwest London, the Thames Valley, Hertfordshire, Surrey, Kent and as far afield as Somerset and north Wales.” who feel that they may be at risk from these gangs may we suggest a visit to the Eurosecure web site where you will find a selection of affordable easy to install products that will ensure that your household is that bit more secure should you be targeted by any would be thief.