There’s a pink one and a green one

and a blue one and a yellow one

The opening lyrics to a 1962 folk song written by Malvina Reynolds and made famous in the UK by Pete Seeger a folk singer of acquired taste – the song “Little Boxes” aptly refers to “houses built on hillsides- back in the strange days of sixties (days with hippies and flower power and lots and lots of protests – let the video run to the next track for an example) recognising your home by its colour may have been the way back in the USA (something which thankfully never caught on in the UK)

At Eurosecure we appreciate that colour is a great way of recognising any commodity and if we can help in preventing household disputes we are more than happy to assist – step forward the Ultion Key Cap – the pacifier in all disputes over keys –

Ultion Key Caps - Buy Online

Ultion Key Caps – Buy Online

Dad’s is green

Mums’ is pink

Joey’s is blue

Sue’s s yellow and

Grandparents’ is the very conservative black

When every family member has their own coloured key cap the days of argument are over (or should be) – no more “he has my key” or “she borrowed mine” – once allocated a colour lose your key at your peril – the days of excuses are gone.

What a product this Ultion Lock is, it not only gives you “peace of mind” that your property is protected by the lock that is recognised as the most secure in the domestic market, it gives you financial guarantees against “break ins” and probably most importantly of all – it ends family disputes.

There’s a pink one (that’s mum’s) and a green one (that’s dad’s)

And a blue one (that’s Joey’s) and a yellow one (that’s Sue’s)

Ultion Night Bright available online

Ultion Night Bright available online

And those of the nocturnal persuasion have not been forgotten because the latest addition to the Ultion key cap collection – the luminous pink and yellow easy – no more fumbling for your keys when they shine in your hand on even the darkest of nights