If you the owner of a Yale Smart Lock and you live in an appropriate postal code it is just possible that you could be invited to participate in a new form of grocery shopping. All you need is the aforementioned Yale Smart lock and a Waitrose store in your area plus of course – an invitation

Waitrose are currently trialing an initial 100 customers with their “While You’re Away” service where they “deliver groceries to customers inside the home and put them away while they are out”.- the putting away may be a bit ambitious for the average household, but even the delivery into you’re Kitchen would be acceptable to most of us. The current plan is that the driver will put refrigerated and frozen goods away and leave other groceries on the kitchen counter, or elsewhere if instructed to do so by the customer. In order to alleviate any doubts on the part of the customer the delivery is captured on a chest-cam worn by the driver, and should it be so required the video of his delivery can be made available to the customer on the next working day. It all sounds too good to be true but if the trust exists, we can not see why it would not work and it has to be better than thousands of parcel-bearing drones flying around.

The Yale Keyless Smart door lock is the key to the success of this trial, as the lock enables the customer to grant the delivery driver access to the property by setting a temporary access code for the lock, this code is then sent to Waitrose via a secure append then it is forwarded the driver’s device at the time the customer has booked for the delivery, once the delivery is complete the code is deleted. We assume the “security-minded householder” would automatically also delete the temporary code once the delivery is made.

The concept of ‘in-home delivery’ is not new as it is already popular in countries other than the UK has started to prove popular in other countries, if f the trial is successful, then working the Yale, Waitrose partnership expect a rapid expansion of the service.

Nigel Fisher, Managing Director for Yale UK, says,

‘Working with Waitrose & Partners to develop the UK’s first in-home delivery service is an exciting premise for Yale, as we look to understand how smart products can enhance daily lives, as well as protecting your home. Our heritage and priority is in security, but the technologies we’re now working with means we can also collaborate with companies, like Waitrose, to develop services that fit with modern life.’

Here at Eurosecure we may not be able to assist you with your particular choice of grocery shopping – but there is not much we do not know about Yale Keyless Smart Locks take a look at our website if you want to find out more