Ultion Key Centre Licence No 1016183

The above number will mean absolutely nothing to the majority of people – life now requires so many licences and permits to do the simplest of things and inevitably it costs you money.

This licence number is different from the norm – use it correctly and it will not only save you money – it will guarantee your security.



This licence number belongs to Eurosecure and it is more commonly displayed in the following format.

The reason it is important to anyone who has purchased a door with an Ultion lock or even purchased a lock as a replacement and then discovers they require more keys – is because ONLY ULTION AUTHORISED KEY CENTRES CAN PROVIDE YOU WITH LEGAL AND GUARANTEED COPY KEYS – KEYS FROM ANY OTHER SOURCE COULD INVALIDATE THE GUARANTEE OF YOUR LOCK IF IT FOR ANY REASON SHOULD BREAK

Eurosecure are retailers of the superb Ultion Lock and we are also very aware of the guarantees we advise our customers when they purchase one of these locks and whilst we can assist with repair and replacement if the lock is damaged by “fair wear and tear” – if the damage is as a result of using an unauthorised key we unfortunately have to tell the customer that we cannot assist – the Ultion web site itself carries the clearest of warnings –

Imitation Ultion keys will invalidate your warranty and 
break your lock

What can happen with keys from unlicensed sources

  1. They may not work at all.
  2. Give a stiff, fiddly and damaging movement.
  3. Break your lock (locking you out, or in!). This may not happen straight away, after repeated use imitation keys will bend the pins and disengage the springs within your lock.
  4. Invalidate your guarantee and that means your £1000 break in guarantee”

Genuine Keys from Licensed Key centres may be a little more expensive than those purchased from your local DIY or locksmith but for the extra few pence you get the extra peace of mind of knowing your guarantees are intact so what should you be looking for in a genuine “Ultion” key – it starts with the “blank” Ultion blanks are unique and when cut your new key should look like the image below.

a key using the key number that operates, in exactly the right position, on both sides of There are of course a lot of opportunist operators out there who will offer you the cheapest version of anything and Ultion Keys are no different- but for any manufacturer who wishes to retain the integrity and reputation of their product it is an absolute necessity that they have some form of vetting procedure, particularly of items such as keys which can so easily be faked.

For any company to obtain a manufacturers licence to control any aspect of their product can be a costly, painful and inconvenient experience to become an Authorised Key Centre is no different but it proves that we have the customers best interests at heart.

Authorised Key Centres only use manufacturers “Key Blanks” and as all keys are unique you will be requested to provide your unique number, not leave your key – every key is decoded using an encrypted security algorithm which is used to ensure your copy key is an exact match to the master and this is only one of the many reasons that set Ultion locks aside from the rest.

it has become a trend in modern life that we are more interested in bad news than good – from the manufacturers point of view one lock damaged by an illegal key can raise far more news awareness than thousands of perfectly functioning correctly keyed locks – do not allow yourself to be the statistic that creates the bad news – always only obtain spare keys from a licenced Ultion key centre.



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