If you are a discerning homeowner with safety on your mind, you probably already know what Ultion means, you haven’t stumbled across this site by accident right? For those few that don’t, or are here by accident, Ultion is the high security lock system created by renowned locksmiths Brisant Secure.

Why choose Ultion?

First and foremost, Ultion locks are literally unbeatable. Not only are they a Police Preferred Specification, have the highest Kitemark star rating available and have been accredited with the Master Locksmith Association’s highest standard: Sold Secure Diamond.


Ultion locks achieve this by offering some incredible security measures that truly set them apart from the competition:

  • 294,970 key combinations – most security locks on the market offer only 5 or maybe 6 pins whereas Ultion uses a whopping 11. This means that an Ultion lock offers more than double the amount of combinations required to meet the highest standard in lock security
  • 20 point drill protection – Ultion locks are loaded with a plethora of strategically placed hardened steel plates and pins, designed by expert locksmiths to protect your lock from drill attacks.
  • Lockdown mode – don’t worry, it’s not THAT kind of lockdown! When an Ultion lock detects an attack, lockdown mode is automatically activated. No, this doesn’t mean the lock then grows a beard, puts on it’s pajamas and watches Netflix for the next 6 months, it means that a hidden firing pin is activated which secures the central cam, stopping the home invader from opening the door.

COOL FACT: Ultion keys are so well designed and secure that they can’t be cut by just anyone! Only licensed Ultion Key Centres are able to decode the cutting information that is encoded on the Brisant Website. We can help with this here, all you need to do is enter the unique code that is embossed on your existing Ultion key.

What is Key Control?

Ultion key control is an optional security feature that stops unauthorised copies of your new Ultion keys being cut. You can register for key control here. In a nutshell; it is an extra layer of security for an already ultra secure locking system.

Key Control is a system whereby whenever a licensed Ultion Key Centre uses your unique code to order a new copy of your key, Brisant sends you, the homeowner, an email to request authorisation for the new copy being created.

In a world of increased awareness of data security and cyber crime, you might be thinking this doesn’t sound very safe at all. A website that stores all the information needed to create a key for your home can’t possibly be a good thing right? Well, wrong. Only licensed Ultion Key Centres can use the code from your physical keys to decode the information stored on Brisants’ website. This information is an ESSENTIAL requirement to cut your key. Plus, as an extra added layer of security, the Brisant databases don’t store any of your address information at all!

The Key Control system was designed so that homeowners always know exactly who is creating copies of the keys to their home and when they are being requested. As a final added measure of security, whenever you request a new key and your information is decoded, you are prompted to enter a new password. EVERY. TIME.

Words from the CEO

Brisants’ CEO Nick Dutton has gone on record here to state that: “Key Control gives homeowners even more security because they know exactly who has the information needed to cut their keys. It’s not as easy as someone picking up a key and going and getting it cut at any high-street locksmith, because the embossed code is password protected. The only person with that password is the homeowner.

“We think it’s important for homeowners to have control over their extra keys, which is why we ask them to register… We want them to feel totally secure so we never ask for their home address in relation to the key. Even if our database was hacked, homeowner addresses aren’t stored so they’re totally secure against cyber theft too.”

Some words of caution

As Key Control is purpose designed to add security, the rules and processes that surround it are understandably rigid. The most important things to know, when opting for Key Control are that once opted for:

  • Approval emails can only be sent to the original email address provided when registering.
  • The approval email will be sent every day for 10 days from requesting a new key, after this period the request will remain as “pending” until cancelled.
  • If you accidentally reject an approval request your key WILL NOT be cut.
  • If you move into a property that already has an ultion lock, your safest option is to get a new lock installed and start the Key Control process from scratch.

A final note from the author

Your key control agreement is between you and Brisant. We are always happy to assist our customers with setting up key control but ultimately doing so is YOUR responsibility and due to GDPR legislations we don’t have access to Brisant’s systems, we are just an intermediary. If you forget or lose access to the email account that your Key Control is registered to, we can point you in the right direction for a potential solution, but ultimately this will need to be resolved by Brisant.