Ultion Key Cutting : Why take the risk??

Not only are they one of the prettier looking key locks they are also pretty unique – unique code number and computer cut to provide the perfect security key for the perfect security lock – so why would you use or try to use anything other than the correct key that is designed specifically for your lock.


In this world where copies of virtually everything are available even before they hit the shops the unique key for the Ultion lock has had a pretty good run but now we are starting to receive reports of “fakes” hitting the streets – they apparently are very good some are made from Silica and apparently they work – but for how long and what damage are they causing to the lock.



The above page which is one of the many information items on our Ultion drop down menu on the Eurosecure web page is there for a purpose – the Ultion lock is a sophisticated piece of technological engineering with levers and pins that operate in a precise manner hence the self-cleaning mechanism – if the inside of the lock becomes contaminated and the lock stops working and a fake key is the cause then all manufacturers guarantees will be invalidated – is it a risk worth taking.

We at Eurosecure appreciate that everyone likes a bargain but sometimes that bargain is not always what it seems – the Ultion key has a few features even we who make them are not privy to suffice to say that the manufacturers tell us that “fakes will cause damage” probably ultimately requiring a new lock.

Here at Eurosecure as an approved stockist seller and key cutter for the Ultion lock any new or extra keys purchased from ourselves totally comply with the manufacturers guidelines we only use genuine “elation” key stocks and we are an “elation key centre” – so why take the risk for a few pence saving.