Ultion Padlocks for extra protection

If you are a security minded person and already secured the main doors in your property with a suite of these –uniquely keyed so one key services all the ultion locks in your home maybe its time to consider applying the same degree of security to those areas in your life where the Ultion door lock will just not work.

There are more of them than you think, the shed, the garden gate, bike and motorbike chains etc. to name but a few. If it needs locking the new solution is the Ultion Padlock, a lock which just like its big brother the Ultion lock is also accredited with the “Sold Secure” certification which can only be obtained after third party testing by Master Locksmiths.

Ultion Padlock from Euro Secure from Euro-Secure on Vimeo.

The principle of one key fitting all can be extended to the Ultion Padlock – how easy would life be – one key for you home that also operates your shed padlock or your motorbike chain padlock, no more trying to find the correct key on a bunch of half a dozen or so – everything can be operated from the same key as your home – its one of the options we offer when you purchase your new Ultion Padlock form Eurosecure.

What is it that makes this padlock just that little bit different from the competition – apart from the “Sold Secure” certification and the “One key” fits all option – the variable langth shackles are a useful option for those trickier of locations –

The 61mm and 70mm locks are available with three different shackle lengths and a super-secure closed shackle option, when you purchase any product that carries the Ultion brand you can be sure that it has undergone the most thorough of testing available and the Ultion Padlock is no exception. The 60mm body with its 11mm diameter variable shackle range carries the Sold Secure Silver accreditation and is CEN 5 rated and the 70mm body with 14mm diameter variable shackle range carry the Sold Secure Gold accreditation and a CEN 6 rated – which ensures that they are all Insurance approved.

Every part of the Ultion padlock is designed to be tough

and there are no departments in which it fails

If it’s time that you upgraded to Ultion padlocks and you already have Ultion locks and find the option of “One Key” works all appealing, simply visit our Eurosecure web site and place your order , or if you prefer a little more of the personal touch simply give us a call, explain your requirements and leave the rest to us.

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