The Christmas festivities are fast approaching and the dark dismal days of winter are almost upon us.  Christmas is a  wonderful time  to have friends and family in abundance visiting your home, even the “Big Guy in the Red Suit” along with his Scottish buddy who brought some coal on New Year’s Eve – but there is one visitor none of us want – the burglar – we all want to survive the dark days of winter without becoming a burglary statistic.

The long dark days of winter are the ideal visiting time for one guest who will never be welcome in your home, the one who sneaks around to see if you are in, and if you are not, he may well welcome himself into your home. Where, over the festive season, visitors were the bringers of gifts this alternative visitor will relieve you of those gifts and a lot more if he can and it is quite likely he will cause damage to your home in his efforts to find your most valuable possessions. You were fortunate this year that you were not visited by this unwanted guest but will you always be so lucky – this unwanted guest has no real care for the seasons of the year, burglary is a twelve month of the year statistic, if he sees an opportunity, he will take it and you could be next.

The burglar whether he is a professional or an opportunist is always on the prowl during any month of the year and one thing you can be sure of is, is that he will bear very little resemblance to the burglar cartoon image of mask and striped jersey, your unwanted visitor is likely to be a much more sinister and secretive character.

Maybe, now is the time to take a good look at the security of your property, how accessible is your garden, is the shed locked? Are your house lock tamper proof (snapping, bumping, drilling etc) do you have locks on your downstairs or any other accessible windows. If the answer to any or all of these questions is “No” it may just be the time to visit the Eurosecure web site where you will find a product to solve all of these failings in your household security.

For gates, sheds and moveable property

What could be more of a visible deterrent either on its own or threaded through a substantial chain. This Padlock comes with the same superb locking credentials as the Ultion lock (which you will also find on the Eurosecure web site) and it can also be suited to match all the other Ultion locks on your property so one key will fit all. A padlock that is so strong that the chain on your Motor bike – bike – lawn mower etc or the hasp and staple on your shed are more likely to give than the lock.

For your external door locks

Statistics tell it all –

74% of intruders enter through the front door

43% of illegal entries are through forced locks

9 out of 10 forced locks occur because of snapped pins

The rather obvious solution to all of these problems is a strong secure lock that cannot be “bumped”, drilled” or “snapped” (to find out more see our “lock snapping information page”)  and such a lock exists in the Ultion – currently the most secure lock available for domestic properties.

the Ultion Lock – Lock Snapping

The Visual deterrent is the one that most of us forget but it is often the most effective – if your home looks like it could be problematic to break into it is far easier to look elsewhere down the street.

We are not aiming to scare anyone, but burglary for all of us is a very real threat at this time of year find out all about the above products and lots at Eurosecure