Will it happen again??

Sobering as the thought may be – if you are burgled once there is a 1 in 4 chance it will happen again, such are the findings of a report by insurance Company Direct Line Group – the report actually starts with the three following very revealing comments –

  • People who have been burgled once have more than a one in four chance of falling victim again in the same property
  • Unlucky victims even have an eight per cent chance of being burgled two or more times again
  • Despite this, 1.3 million Brits spent no money on additional security measures after being burgled

That last comment actually shocked us here at Eurosecure and we are in the business of household security – the majority of our customers would fall into the category of those who are taking the prudent step of upgrading the security of their property and although we have a number of customers purchasing from ourselves as a reaction to burglary they are in the minority. The report further clarifies this lack of action by those who have been burgled by producing the following chart showing the percentage of individuals who upgraded and the security they undertook after being burgled.

Percentage of burglary victims who replaced an existing item after the burglary


Security measurePercentage of people who upgraded the security measure after being burgled
Lock to front door30%
Lock to back door29%
Window / windows20%
New back door14%
Security alarm13%
New front door11%
Garage door3%
Security lights2%


At Eurosecure we offer a comprehensive range of locks and padlocks for every location with in your home that is likely to be attacked by a burglar, doors, windows, gates, garages and sheds.

Our Ultion 3 star security rating Sold Secure Diamond accredited lock as recommended by ourselves is probably the most secure domestic lock currently available and as it can be suited so that the same lock cylinder can be used on all of the following – front, back, patio, garage or even the Ultion padlock on the shed- you have the added security of only needing “one key” to open all of your doors, instead of the bunch of half a dozen.

For windows the best defence is a “visible deterrent” and our Sash Jammer which is an easily screw fixed lock which renders the sash immobile (even with a crow bar) can be clearly seen by any burglar who looks through your window and that is sufficient incentive to make them look elsewhere.

The Ultion padlock possesses the same superb characteristics as the lock cylinder, same strength, same security if you use it with a chain, the would-be thief will have more chance of breaking the chain than the padlock.

To prevent unwanted intruders gaining access to your garden vis a fence or wall take a look at our “Hedgehog strips” they are easy to install, flexible, weather resistant and durable manufactured in UV stabilised polypropylene each strip is 450mm long x 45mm with three rows of staggered 17.5mm high cone shaped spikes and 14 No pre-formed fixing holes available in boxes of ten units which will provide you with 4.5metres (15ft) of protection in a standard box.

Please do not become one of those burglary statistics take a look at our Eurosecure web site where you will find everything you need to protect your home, you will not find sophisticated camera and alarm systems that require a degree in electronics simply to understand them, but you will find competitively priced quality locking solutions for every door and window in your home.