You are at risk no matter where you live.

Once upon a time and it’s not that long ago if you lived in the appropriate “postcode” district you could pretty much be certain if you were the victim of a burglary – how times have changed – now unless you live inside a walled compound with armed guards you are almost certain of running the risk of becoming part of the unlucky statistic of those who have been burgled. 

At this time of year when most of us have already broken our “New Year’s Resolutions” maybe you should consider reviewing one possible resolution we are pretty certain that everyone forgets about, “your household security “ – when was the last time you actually tested the security of your own home???

At Eurosecure we publish lots of articles about improved locks and “smart” locks and we provide an array of products and give an awful lot of advice to prospective customers – but what if your security is dependent upon something more than locks. For most of us a combination of household and street lights l our properties up like a beacon on even the dirtiest darkest of nights but this is certainly not the case for everyone – there are a lot of dark streets and rural locations out there where the darkness is the friend of the burglar rather than the householder

When the nights are dark – light is your friend and the burglar’s enemy the installation of sensor-controlled security external lights has long been commonplace for many of us but as burglars become more determined a higher level of security is required. The installation of a CCTV camera in a domestic property rather than being considered an extreme measure has now become commonplace as a deterrent which gives the householder a little extra peace of mind. Plus, when your CCTV is working correctly the footage is a useful way to identify the culprits in the unfortunate event of a successful break-in.

Many modern security camera systems operate both wirelessly and remotely, allow homeowners to view their property, all hours of the day, which is great if you and/or your family spend a lot of time away from home.

Many of the most state-of-the-art domestic CCTV systems operate with a floodlight and camera in tandem – a motion sensor activates them both providing the householder with the perfect opportunity of catching and photographing the would-be burglar in the act as the images can be recorded to your own digital device. Many of the modern systems offer some or all of the listed features

  • Smartphone Notification – Receive alert notifications if an event is detected.
  • In-App Control – Control from your smartphone.
  • Live Viewing – View live feed from your cameras.
  • Image Masking – Control which areas are covered and which are ignored.
  • 30m Night vision – Clear footage around the clock.
  • Full HD1080p High Definition Quality – Crisp detailed footage.
  • Easy Installation – Easy to install with a quick set-up wizard in the app.
  • Intelligent detection – Triggers recording when an event is detected.
  • 1TB Storage – Records footage for later viewing.
  • Expandable – Add additional wireless and wired cameras to expand your CCTV system.
  • Intelligent Search – Highlights events within the timeline allowing you to pinpoint specific activity.
  • Weatherproof– Ready for the elements come rain or shine.

Best of all to assist you additional New Years resolution you can review and purchase a number of optional CCTV systems online with Eurosecure – check out –