You take the time – but do others take any notice

You’re going out for the evening, so what’s the last thing you do before leaving the house – if you have one, for most of us the answer would be set the alarm and hope that when you return home you will hear the reassuring “beep” whatever yours may be that means your alarm has not been tampered with in your absence.

But what if you are the unfortunate individual whose alarm “goes off” whilst you are away from home, could you count on your neighbours to investigate / call the Police – a recent survey in the South West of the UK by Direct Line Insurance as featured in “Devon Live” came up with the alarming statistic that 20% of individuals would simply ignore the alarm hoping that it would stop.


So how brave are you? If you knew your neighbours were out and their alarm went off – would you investigate. Another one of the almost impossible to believe statistics noted in the article is that 20% of individuals leave their homes without locking their front doors, a practice that was commonplace in villages circa fifty plus years ago when everyone knew their neighbours but one that seems incredibly risky in this day and age.

At Eurosecure we support any measure that can assist in keeping the burglars at bay but we are somewhat more traditional in our approach, we prefer the more physical deterrents of locks that work and which will frustrate any attempts by a burglar to complete his break in quietly because although that 20% may ignore a burglar alarm siren, if it were to be accompanied by the sounds of “breaking glass” or “hammer striking wood” we are pretty sure even the reluctant 20% would be spurred into action. Back in the summer in a blog entitled “We sell products that work” we made the bold statement –

“Your family’s security matters to us here at Eurosecure – but it should matter much more to you “ –

the point we were highlighting being it’s good to get new locks but please make sure that they are locks that work –we only sell products that we ourselves have vetted, tested and which we know work

Our “e” mail “frequently asked questions” queries often tell us that we are far from the cheapest lock on the market – our answer

We don’t sell cheap products! We sell products that work!

Eurosecure have nothing against the Chinese but they continue to flood the UK market with cheap imported locks which may save you money but will do little for the enhanced security of your property,

Some of the better imported locks may have 5 or 6 locking pin sequences the Ultiion 3 star security rating Sold Secure Diamond accredited lock as recommended by ourselves –


the Ultion Lock – Lock Snapping

has eleven which means it can generate almost 295,000 key combinations which is pretty impressive when considered against the average bank lock which only requires 100,000 combinations. Here at Eurosecure we know how impressive these pins can be having already written about them in our article back in Jan 2016 entitled The lock with almost as many pins (feet) as a team of Formation Dancers. The number of pins is only a small part of the story of the success of the “Ultion” lock to discover all of its specification features check out the Eurosecure web site dedicated Ultion page – when you discover just how good this lock is, the materials from which it is constructed and the rigorous testing regime it has passed to achieve its “locking credentials” you will appreciate why it is a little more expensive than some of the competition.


Burglars also attack you windows but they are frequently deterred by the sight of a visual deterrent – one of the simplest to install and most efficient in use is the Sash Jammer –

not only does it do as the name suggests “it locks your sash windows closed” but possibly more importantly it acts as a “visual” deterrent. The average house burglars intent is to “get in and get out” as quickly as possible making as little noise as possible – noisy burglars are normally considered to have picked the wrong profession – the very sight of the “sash jammer” because it is visible through the glass, is normally sufficient to make the burglar think twice, because to remove it he will normally have to break the glass, a correctly fitted Sash Jammer is all but impossible to force using “brute force and a crowbar of jemmy”


Even if you are diligent in setting your alarm every time you leave home it is still worth purchasing these two items for that element of additional security – find out more about these and our full range of security products by visiting our Eurosecure web site