If you were to go to your local garage for a new set of tyres for your car and you were offered a set that was “bald” no doubt you would for any number of reasons refuse the sale – safety and a fear of being arrested being the two main reasons.

So, why do so many people think so differently when it comes to protecting their family and homes – the most common point for a break in is the front door and the prime target is the lock and yet with the vast choice of locks available so many of us go for the cheapest option available (a bit like the cheap Chinese offering in the photograph) If the lock does not fail you and it does the job is that really all you require from it?

Consider this –

  1. Where does your family spend the most time?   Answer at home
  2. Where do you and your family keep their most prized positions? Answer at home

Its as simple as that, by purchasing cheap inferior locks you are placing your family at risk.

If the lock does not fail you a worse fate could be in store – burglars love cheap locks as they see them as easy pickings – whether it be lock picking, bumping or snapping when you fit one of these locks they can be in and out of your home with your possessions (money, jewellery, electrical goods – in fact anything they can easily carry) in a matter of minutes.

Remember its not simply what you lose and the ensuing battle with insurance companies that you will have to endure – the long-term effects of a break in and the trauma and anxieties it can cause to your family can be devastating for years to come

Stopping the burglars is actually easier than you might imagine simply fit a quality lock with the correct accreditation documentation of its performance, here at Eurosecure when asked by customers to recommend a safe and reliable, we have no hesitation in responding – the three star plus sold secure diamond lock, Ultion, is the best way to secure your home against the most common form of break-in.  The average burglar wants to cause as little noise as possible when they break into your property – this is not possible with the Ultion, there is no quiet way to defeat an Ultion Lock – in fact the majority of burglars simply give up on them take a look at our web site where we carry videos of the many ways would be burglars can attack your lock.

Changing your locks is the quickest, cheapest, most effective form of protection from burglary particularly when you change to an Ultion lock.