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Patlock French Door Protection

  • Instant security lock for double patio/French/conservatory doors
  • Superb visual deterrent
  • Unique patented design clamps the handles together making forced entry much more difficult
  • Very east to fit – only four screws to replace easy fit spring clip spindles
  • Easy to take on and off for everyday use
  • As featured and recommended by BBC’s Break In Britain

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What is Patlock?

If you can see it so can the opportunist burglar which is the reason why the Patlock is the
ultimate deterrent it is visual and it works, two aesthetically pleasing component parts
that fit over the door handles placein position and push together as they lock tight on to
the tamper resist spindles they clamp the handles and locks of your door.

Securing your French or Patio Doors
This is the perfect way to secure French or Patio doors, which, as they comprise a pair of doors with the lock being set into a central style are generally considered the easiest point of access in the average home. The Patlock is a simple to fit device which changes the odds, the average burglar will see that it is installed realise it will take him some time to force entryand simply move on to look for an easier target. Easy to fit and simple to usedesigned and developed in the UK the Patlock works on the simple principle that if the handles are clamped together on the inside of the property the exterior handles cannot be moved and it will be all but impossible to gain entry by forcing the doors even snapping or bumping of the locks will not work, as long as the interior handles are clamped the shoot bolts remain locked in position.

Where can i use Patlock?

Standard lever handles
on french doors

patio doors

conservatory doors

What Do I Get?

When you purchase a Patlock security device you will receive the following items:

1 x Patlock security device 
2 x Optional fit security spindles with spring clips 
2 x Window Stickers 
1 x Instruction Leaflet 

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How does
protect you?

The construction method of French doors have always made them an easy first target for burglars. Even with high security locks a 12mm air gap around the opening sashes makes them easy to prise open.

Patlock literally binds the internal door handles together, so even if the cylinder locks are compromised the handles cannot disengage the lock. If the intruder tries to prise the doors open the Patlock straps the two doors together stopping them from being forced apart.

Patlock: As seen on BBC’s Break in Britain TV Series

Why Do People Choose Patlock?

See how Patlock protects your home

Patlock’s popularity comes from its obvious, whilst not unsightly, visual deterrent qualities. A burglar is unlikely to attempt forced entry when he sees Patlock through the glass. It is also really simple to use – you just push the two halves together. There are no keys, to disengage simply press the buttons and pull apart.

How Easy Is Patlock To Fit?

Patlock is easy to fit and release in seconds, no need for a key or code number.
Patlock provides extra security and instant peace of mind to the homeowner.

Patlock Advice

Each PATLOCK comes with a pair of Tamper resist spindles which once fitted cannot be removed from the exterior, enhancing the security that PATLOCK provides.

Fitting these is a relatively easy task for the confident DIY person, but if you are in any doubt after reading the fitting instruction, then it is recommended that you use the services of a locksmith.

PATLOCK is to be used as an additional security device for French Doors and not as a replacement for existing locks.

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