Register and protect your Ultion

The Ultion Snap Guarantee

Should a burglary take place within 10 years from the point of installation and entry was acheived by snapping an Ultion lock we will pay you £2000. To activate your guarantee just complete the registration within 28 days of registration.

Only use genuine Ultion keys. Should you need to make a claim please complete and return the claim form within 14 days of the incident.

Key Control

Prevent your keys from being copied without your permission. Complete your Ultion security by activating Key Control.
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Maintenance guidelines

To maintain the smooth operation, performance and guarantee of your Ultion lock it only needs lubricating every 6 months with our specially engineered lubricant. Using oils or WD40 will damage the lock and will cancel the guarantee.
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Your Questions answered

Are all Ultion keys eligible for Key Control?

No. Only new locks with the new Key Control key fob are eligible. (U codes beginning with U12 or above or X)

However, when cutting data is given for an old key a new key control compatible code is also provided.