Euro Secure - your licensed
Ultion key centre

What a licensed key centre offers

Euro Secure only offers genuine Ultion products

As a licensed key centre you are guaranteed that all of our products are genuine - beware of high street key cutters or unlicensed online sellers who are using non genuine key blanks.

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Each key we sell has a Unique Secure Algorithm

As a Genuine Ultion Key Centre, Euro Secure has unique access to a proprietary Algorithm to decrypt your key code to create the exact precision cutting pattern for your lock. Getting it right first time, every time.

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How to spot a genuine
Euro Secure Ultion Key


Invalidating your warranty

If you don’t see the Ultion logo embossed on your key, don’t put it in your lock. It could break your your lock, invalidating your warranty!

Unique Key Algorithm

Ridges and contours are in precisely the right place to prevent you accidentally triggering ‘lock down mode’ which can happen with imitation keys.

Fake keys will invalidate
your £1000 guarantee

In the rare event an issue arises with a lock, its usually caused by a non genuine key that has damaged or compromised the lock. Any such callout would be costly and instantly invalidate your warranty, so make sure you always choose a licensed Ultion key centre.

Choosing to go to an unlicensed key cutter puts your lock and your home at risk from:

Broken Lock

Money Wasted

Locked Out

Guarantee Lost

As an authorised
Ultion Key Centre we offer:

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Protect your whole
home with just one key

Our complete Ultion Home Defence System, offers you the choice
to protect every lock in your home using the same key.


  • One Key for your:
  • Garage Door
  • Front Door
  • Back Door
  • Patio Door
  • Conservatory
  • Shed

Protect your whole home

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